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Overview of the US subprime market Essay Example for Free

Outline of the US subprime showcase Essay With respect to the U. S. subprime showcase, the term itself alludes to the status of the borrower, elective terms for which are B-paper, close prime, or additional opportunity loaning, all allude to the act of offering advances to borrowers who have a flawed record and consequently don't fit the bill for the common market rates. Subprime loaning and obtaining is dangerous as it is connected with states of high financing costs, dodgy record as a consumer and substantially less-than-impeccable money related circumstances. To access this extending market, banks regularly accept dangers related with loaning to individuals with helpless FICO assessments. They counterbalance their hazard by charging a higher loan cost, among different ways. Home loans, vehicle advances, Visas, all are instruments of subprime loaning. In Mastercards, for instance, a subprime client might be charged higher sums for late expenses, over breaking point charges, yearly expenses, or in advance expenses for the card. Yet, it offers these borrowers who have a defective credit record the chance to access credit which probably won't have been conceivable something else. Subprime Credit Crunch and Mortgage Crisis: Since 2006, be that as it may, a serious money related emergency has created in the subprime credit showcase. It is particularly widespread in the subprime contract advertise which has encountered an expanding pace of abandonments. At the point when Interest rates increased, this prompted flexible rate contracts getting progressively famous. In any case, the lodging bubble didn't last and property estimations dove, borrowers couldn't satisfy their money related duties and banks couldn't recoup their misfortunes. The outcome is today’s cruel credit crunch which has prompted large players in the subprime contract loaning industry to close down or seek financial protection. Others have been blamed for empowering beguiling pay swelling on credit applications. Between December 2006 and March 2007, more than 30 subprime loan specialists shut activities. The rest have brought about genuine misfortunes and are in a difficult situation. Loaning measures have gotten progressively rigid and financial experts at Goldman Sachs have anticipated this to cut yearly interest for new homes to go somewhere around one-fifth of last year’s deals. As per the September quarterly report (2007) of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) in Basil, Switzerland, BIS cautioned of the 'dull shadow over worldwide budgetary markets brought about by the breakdown of the US subprime advertise. ' Investigation: everything began as a little difficulty in December 2006 yet has immediately advanced everywhere throughout the world, and by the mid year of 2007 had a generous negative effect on stock and security markets of the world. Financial specialists have endured substantial misfortunes in their portfolios and now face the extra danger of a potential worldwide downturn sooner rather than later. World monetary development is fundamentally attached to U. S. development, and as experts foresee a downturn sooner rather than later, U. S. Subprime home loans can be seen as one of the principle impetuses of the current circumstance. A worldwide budgetary disturbance has followed, which has made its quality felt in all edges of the world, as various multifaceted investments, banks and securities exchanges in remote nations, for example, Australia, Thailand and Germany have even felt the brunt. This has brought about a reaction against some money related techniques utilized by financial specialists as nations were shocked by the effect of the issues of American mortgagors and property holders on their home markets. Assets and banks everywhere throughout the world were influenced in light of the fact that they had before purchased either bonds, or dangers identified with bonds, which had awful home advances as security, and this whole pack was known as a C. D. O. or then again a collateralized obligation commitment. JPMorgan gauges indicated that worldwide C. D. O. s represented about $1. 5 trillion of obligation and organized fund C. D. O. ’s, which alludes to bonds which have subprime contracts, marginally more secure home loans and business contracts as insurance, represented about obligation of $500 billion to $600 billion. When these subprime contracts were hit seriously, it prompted a chain impact in a blemished framework, with appraisals which didn't give an exact expectation of hazard and imperfect presumptions about the effect on differentiated portfolios with various layers of influence. An expanding influence followed everywhere throughout the world as financial specialists began liberating themselves of any hazardous ventures and changing over their protections into money. As Pierre Cailleteau, Moody’s Investors Service boss market analyst in London stated, The mix of a subprime stun, â€Å"untested money related development and influence has prompted a certainty emergency. Effect on Financial Markets: Financial markets have been gravely influenced, as money related organizations on Wall Street and all around the globe endeavor to adapt to the awful situation in the U. S. subprime showcase. In June 2007, as indicated by a report by CNNMoney, resources worth $800 million were seized by Merrill Lynch from two mutual funds being overseen by Bear Stearns, one of the biggest money related establishments of the world, that were managing protections, fundamentally securities upheld by subprime credits. These pained finances have practically useless at this point. Merrill Lynch itself announced in October 2007 misfortunes of US$5. 2 billion, reconsidered around the same time to $8. 4 million, because of the subprime fiasco which prompted compose downs on subprime contracts, collateralized bonds and utilized advances. Standard Poors called this misfortune alarming while investigators concurred this was most likely the biggest misfortune ever to be looked by a Wall Street firm. Liquidations and misfortunes are very common in the monetary world. In August 2007, the tenth biggest retail contract moneylender in the U. S. , American Home Mortgage Investment Corporation petitioned for Chapter 11 insolvency. Around the same time, Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation, the biggest supplier of private home loan protection in the nation reported that because of the billion-dollar misfortune it endured on its interest in Credit-Based Asset Servicing and Securitization, it would now relinquish the $4. billion arrangement which would result from its acquisition of the Radian Group, a credit improvement organization. The effect was unquestionably had a worldwide reach. Around the same time one of the fundamental banks of Europe and France, BNP Paribas reported that it will no longer esteem three of its assets (Parvest Dynamic ABS, BNP Paribas ABS Euribor and BNP Paribas ABS Eonia) and that financial specialists were no longer permitted to pull back their assets. These assets involve U. S. resource supported protections which incorporate subprime contracts, misconducts on which have expanded while costs have fallen. It took this choice considering the amazingly inconvenient situation of the U. S. subprime advertise as per the bank, the total dissipation of liquidity in certain market portions of the U. S. securitization showcase has made it difficult to esteem certain advantages genuinely paying little heed to their quality or FICO score. The models don't end here. Worldwide Alpha speculative stock investments, with a value of $8 billion and possessed by one of the universes biggest worldwide venture banks, Goldman Sachs, fell by 26%. Citigroup endured titanic credit misfortunes of $700 million in July and August 2007, and keeping in mind that the misfortunes can not be contrasted with the banks benefits of more than $20 billion of every 2006, it will be extremely hard for the bank to reestablish financial specialist certainty. Around the same time of August 2007, Sentinel Management Group auctions off its benefits and following three days of doing as such, petitioned for Chapter 11 insolvency. Stock lists in U. S. , Europe and Asia kept on declining because of unrest in credit and lodging markets. Around the same time as Sentinel, portions of Countrywide Financial, the biggest U. S. contract moneylender, plunged by 13% on the NYSE in the midst of fears that the tight liquidity conditions may prompt its liquidation. This was the biggest one-day decrease in the countrys history since Black Monday, the financial exchange crash of 1987. Only a day sooner, the organization had revealed that dispossessions and home l oan defaults had never been this high since mid 2002. Resonations could be felt the extent that Australia: portions of Rams Home Loans Group fell by 41% on the Australian Stock Exchange, as it couldn't renegotiate its credits as purchasers would not like to purchase AUD$ 6. 7 billion of business paper, its principle wellspring of subsidizing. Australian Hedge reserves, which were exceptionally presented to U. S. subprime acknowledge, for example, Basis Capitals Basis Yield Alpha Fund petitioned for financial protection security. This store declared financial insolvency in August 2007 while in May its advantages were esteemed at $1 billion. As indicated by the IMF, The quick transmission of unsettling influences in a single piece of the money related framework to different parts, now and again through hazy and entwined channels, has amazed both market members and the official segment. Effect on Housing Market The Housing Market really wanted to be influenced by the subprime advertise crash: deals of recently possessed homes dunked to their most minimal in four years. Costs plunged and buyer certainty declined, as the U. S. economy when all is said in done encountered a log jam. As per David Lereah, boss financial expert at the National Association of Realtors, acquisition of existing homes, which had been 6. 68 million in February 2007, declined to a yearly pace of 6. 12 million, which has been the biggest drop since January 1989. when contrasted with 2006, deals declined by 11. %. Ben S. Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, just as other arrangement producers have segregated lodging as the segment which would go about as an obstacle for the economy to accomplish moderate development. This decrease in deals has prompted the general feeling that the lodging downturn is setting down deep roots. Subprime contract defaults give no indications of diminishing and proprietors don't wish to decrease costs, which will in the long run lead to progressively unsold properties in the market. The lodging bubble has certainly smashed as the gracefully of homes available to be purchased d

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Heraclites V. Parmenides Essay Example for Free

Heraclites V. Parmenides Essay Theory fills one need, carrying request to reason. This, on such a large number of levels can compose ones perspective into an organized way; thusly rendering it a lot simpler for one to finish up strong ends, along these lines maintaining a strategic distance from mistake. There have been numerous autonomous floods of reasoning from a few distinct pieces of the world, for example, China, and India. In any case, the most mainstream way of thinking that has made the most effect on the United States, point of fact would need to be the old Greeks (who by the way begun way of thinking in a manner of autonomous religion). Avoiding straight ahead to two of ways of thinking incredible scholars: Heraclitus (540-480 B. C), and one of the most miss-got, Parmenides (515-440 B. C. ). These two savants took reasoning to another level; from attempting to comprehend our evolving world, to attempting to comprehend change itself. In the event that the quest for an essential substance was to ever advance, it would need to confront the inescapable issue of progress. As it were, what continues as before when everything else changes of a specific thing? Change gives off an impression of being a basic character in nature/life. Our encounters disclose to us that things are unquestionably (moving) and changing (getting unique) each snapshot of consistently. Yet, be that as it may, the inquiry despite everything shows up, what continues as before all through this procedure? The two key arrangements (as I would see it one) originates from these two all around thought thinkers. Like I stated, just one has a strong end wherein I concur. Parmenides talked profoundly when he stated, being is; and non-being, isn't. Parmenides base way of thinking was that change was just a figment. It was completely obvious to him that the world had all the earmarks of being in a consistent condition of motion; all the more so however he accepted that our faculties hoodwinked us. The major substance is being. Also, so as to accommodate the never-ending change he saw with his detects; he contemplated that nothing originates from nothing, and that every single existing originate from something previous. Parmenides underestimated that the world had consistently existed, in this way, being must have consistently existed, and at last will consistently exist. Being is an interminable state he said. Presently comes Heraclitus with the way of thinking that everything changes, and nothing remains the equivalent. Oppositely contradicted to that of which Parmenides represents. Heraclitus immovably put stock in his presumption that everything changed. He thought turning out to be was the root to all things. Also, one of his acclaimed phrases was, one never ventures into a similar waterway twice. What he implied by this was, the point at which an individual interferes with the flow of the stream in any capacity structure or design, he/she has changed the waterway from what it was to what it is. Indeed, even without interfering with the waterway and doubtlessly watching the stream on can observer the change. What's more, this can be applied to consistently life on all levels. He expresses that if the outcomes of a never-endingly changing establishment into reality are significant, and the major components are conflicting and insecure, in what manner can there be any laws to oversee them? This inclination for predictable change drove Heraclitus to his hypothesis of fire being the fundamental component of all things, because of its reliable change in nature and its elements. When deciphering Heraclitus I consider him to be stating, since we know from our own encounters that change occurs, this is no hallucination by a long shot, since one can genuinely encounter the change. Heraclitus likewise focuses to his hypothesis of fire, because of the way that in such a large number of words theres such a wealth gracefully of it in nature its the fundamental component for all things. I can't help contradicting him. His perspectives are impeccable by a wide margin and one can even now contend his focuses today. Parmenides then again gets a handle on my consideration and holds such a great amount of more grounded with strong ends, to such an extent that one can just think. Parmenides says, One can just consider what as of now exists, and can appear from the previous. He contends that nobody, and I quote, nobody can talk on or even consider what doesn't exist or even appear from nothing. This is on the grounds that nothing is basically that, nothing, and by what method can one genuinely make something from nothing. Hence is the reason I side with Parmenides on this subject.

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An Analysis of the Term Actually Incurred in Section 11(a) of Income Tax Action :: Accounting Education Finances Taxes Essays

An Analysis of the Term Actually Incurred in Section 11(a) of Income Tax Action Act No. 58 of 1962 1.SYNOPSIS For the most part Accepted Accounting Practice incorporates explanation AC000: Framework for the arrangement and introduction of fiscal reports. This sets out wide also, complete principles administering the acknowledgment of liabilities and salary and consumption in fiscal reports. Explicitly the accompanying sections need to be thought of: Acknowledgment of liabilities: 91. A risk is perceived in a critical position sheet when it is likely that a surge of assets exemplifying financial advantages will result from the settlement of a current commitment and the sum at which the settlement will happen can be estimated dependably... Acknowledgment of costs: 94. Costs are perceived in the salary explanation when a decline in future financial advantages identified with a decline in a benefit or an expansion of an obligation has emerged that can be estimated dependably. This implies in actuality that acknowledgment of costs happens all the while with the acknowledgment of an expansion or then again a decline in resources 95. Costs are perceived in the pay articulation on the premise of an immediate relationship between the expenses caused and the and the procuring of explicit things of salary. This procedure, normally alluded to as the coordinating of expenses with incomes, includes the synchronous or joined acknowledgment of incomes and costs that result straightforwardly and mutually from a similar exchange or other occasions; The fisc takes little notification of these guidelines with regards to the acknowledgment of use for the reasons for tax collection. It is the piece of these guidelines that administer the general conclusion arrangement that this report will look at. Segment 11(a) of the South African Income Tax Act No. 58 of 1962 (as changed) peruses as follows: 11. General derivations permitted in the assurance of available pay.- To decide the available salary determined by any individual from the carrying on of any exchange inside the Republic, there will be permitted as findings from the salary of such individual so determined (a) use and misfortunes really brought about in the Republic in the creation of the pay, gave such consumption and misfortunes are not of a capital sort. The area characterizes the conditions that must be met for use and misfortunes to be permitted as findings from pay. The consumption or misfortunes must have been: Actu ssme nt In the Republic of South Africa. In the creation of the salary. Such consumption or misfortunes must not be of a capital sort. The segment must be perused along with s23(g) 23. Derivations not permitted in the assurance of available salary.- No reasonings will be made in regard of any cash, asserted as a finding from exchange, to the degree to which such monies

Labour Market Analysis Report Virgin Blue Airline

Work Market Analysis Report Virgin Blue Airline Work request and flexibly The organizations that offer items to end clients dependent on the laws of gracefully and request in the market become the buyers in the work showcase since they expect representatives to structure items and do different sorts of things to guarantee that the completed items meet the necessities of the end-clients. Since no representative can render a free assistance, organizations are constrained to go into the work showcase to buy work as per their considerations.Advertising We will compose a custom evaluation test on Labor Market Analysis Report: Virgin Blue Airline explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Virgin Blue Airline decides the quantity of laborers it requests dependent on certain contemplations. These are the costs it will bring about on the work (in light of the Australian market wage), and the quantity of laborers it needs to meet the current and anticipated requests for working together. The gracefully of work in the Australian carrier industry is controlled by the measure of wages, pay rates, just as different advantages gave by the potential bosses, and talented laborers will in general move from one manager to the next dependent on these impacts. To make the states of work appealing, Virgin Blue Airline offers serious compensation, execution based prizes, travel stipends, study help, and numerous different advantages to potential representatives (Virgin Blue Airlines, 2010). Work necessities for Virgin Blue Airline expanded development Virgin Blue Airline, with a present piece of the pie of around twenty-eight percent in Australia’s aircraft industry, is progressively developing to serve different courses far and wide. For instance, in the previous one year, it has conveyed about 18.4 million worldwide travelers (PPS Publications Ltd, 2010). This expanded development infers that it will require extra representatives to serve the expanding number of its clients. In such manner, the organization sh ould recruit socially various workers for it to prevail with regards to doing worldwide business. This will make it feasible for the assorted workforce to get various perspectives handling issues in the carrier organization, which are significant for its prosperity globally. All the more in this way, since the accomplishment of an advanced association requires various contributions from individuals with assorted aptitudes and encounters, enlisting such individuals will guarantee that Virgin Blue Airline profits by the diverse scope of encounters that they will bring along for its possible achievement in the global market. Since doing worldwide business regularly experience a few limitations, for instance, acknowledgment of the carrier by the clients in another territory and client dealing with issues, Virgin Blue Airline should conquer these snags by recruiting workers who are up to the task.Advertising Looking for evaluation on business financial aspects? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More likewise, another related work necessities in this new market is to enlist representatives who can communicate in fluidly different dialects, aside from English. This will guarantee that the organization defies the language hindrance issue that can cause it to lose its clients if not appropriately tended to. Investigation of Virgin Blue Airline existing workforce to decide territories of overabundances and deficiencies Virgin Blue Airline, propelled on 31 August 2000 with under 300 representatives, at present utilizes around 3,000 specialists, and the number is as yet developing. In any case, as of not long ago, the organization had been focusing on utilizing more youthful laborers who were underneath thirty-five years old. This brought up issues about the company’s employing process. For instance, a gathering of eight develop previous airline stewards sued the organization for segregation. They blamed the airc raft organization for not giving them occupations since they were over thirty-five years old (Weller, 2006). The organization lost the case and remunerated the previous airline stewards. This suggests there are deficiencies of develop workers in the organization and an overabundance of more youthful representatives. It is critical to take note of that accomplished laborers acquire the abilities and mentalities that an organization can use for its prosperity, particularly in the worldwide market. Another region where there is lack is in the quantity of female representatives that the aircraft has. This lack has emerged as a result of the expanded necessity to make a trip to different nations around the globe. Since it gets hard to find some kind of harmony among work and family duties in such circumstance, various females have avoided working with the organization. Examination of Virgin Blue Airline current workforce appropriateness to satisfy current and anticipated needs for work I n as much as Virgin Blue Airline had been focusing on recruiting more youthful representatives, its present workforce has the ability to meet the current and anticipated requests for working together in the flying business. The organization has set up a viable culture that guarantees that its activities run easily. The organization has a top supervisory group comprising of twelve experts who have served in different limits in the organization since its origin ten years back. Bruce Highfield, HR executive for Virgin Blue, says, â€Å"Having a top group that truly works adequately together is extremely a large portion of the fight. Culture begins at the top, and the authority style of the supervisor is the thing that channels down† (The Reed Group Ltd, 2010, para. 7).Advertising We will compose a custom appraisal test on Labor Market Analysis Report: Virgin Blue Airline explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Even however it has built up a durable supervisory gro up, the organization goes at incredible lengths to enlist equipped specialists who can safeguard its exceptional culture just as fulfill its present need for business and future extension. Other than the careful enrollment process, the organization guarantees that its laborers stay propelled and submitted in achieving their obligations by appropriately allocating undertakings, doing representative evaluation programs, living up to their desires, and including the workers in various parts of dynamic inside the organization. Examination of momentum and anticipated outside work gracefully information Between 1980 and 2000, the Australian work power has been expanding an expected pace of two percent because of the full section to the work power market of the time of increased birth rates age, expanded support of ladies, and abroad movement (McDonald Temple, 2008, p.2). Right now, it is assessed that the country’s work power is developing at 3.1 percent per annum and this rate is falling (Australia Bureau of Statistics, 2010). Also, this work flexibly development rate may fall further if there will be no global relocation. Since Australia’s populace is probably going to develop, this will make a multiplier impact upon the interest for work in the flying business. The country’s work power is and should face the troubles of its maturing populace. This trouble will prompt conceivable substitution of the older work power with youthful work power bringing about certain work deficiencies and ability holes in the country’s aircraft industry. Suggestions for workforce arranging Virgin Blue Airline includes experienced fantastic development inside a brief timeframe. In this manner, to guarantee its proceeded with progress it ought to build up a workforce arranging instrument that guarantees that its destinations are coordinated with the requirements of the representatives. It can accomplish this by recognizing the key capacities of its potential future workforce, participating in a precise investigation of its present workforce numbers and limit, doing a hole examination to make a correlation between the anticipated workforce flexibly to the workforce request conjecture, creating workforce techniques and anticipated financing sway, and executing and checking on workforce plans. References Australia Bureau of Statistics, 2010. Work Force, Australia, Sep 2010. [Online]Advertising Searching for evaluation on business financial matters? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More Australia Bureau of Statistics. Accessible at:[emailprotected]/mf/6202.0?opendocument#from-banner=LN . McDonald, P. Sanctuary, J., 2008. Segment and Labor Futures for Australia. [Online] Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute. Accessible at: about/_pdf/demo-work supply.pdf+labour+supply+in+australiahl=engl=kepid=blsrcid=ADGEEShDeknLiq7JDVILE9svPMStJG3bnqMhCGNXz7B6pjr7e2xbuBle55KDBIzAfpr0M6UsweWBpEQm-h08WSoIqrjxo4MqvzNe6CnDVXL4slk9wPungSuDoil0gVXTaZ0GlV7sGeRdsig=AHIEtbQUF4_lXNhdYKJh520dWOvAiU7GXA . PPS Publications Ltd, 2010. Virgin Blue’s development originating from global courses; 18.4 million travelers conveyed in most recent a year. [Online] PPS Publications Ltd. Accessible at: originating from-universal courses/. The Reed Group Ltd, 2010. Breaking in another culture: the Virgin Blue story. [Onli ne] Reed Elsevier Australia Pty Limited. Accessible at: . Virgin Blue Airlines, 2010. Advantages. [Online] Virgin Blue Airlines. Accessible at: Weller, S., 2006. Segregation, Labor Markets and the Labor Market Prospects of Older Workers: What Can a Legal Case Teach Us? [Online] Victoria University, Melbourne. Accessible at:

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International business & strategic management assignment - 1

Global business and vital administration - Assignment Example The Danish political framework centers around expanding universal security and soundness, which will be fundamental in taking care of the requests and desires for the worldwide financial specialists. Denmark has a populace of 5.6 million with a GDP of $211.9 billion for every annum. Furthermore, the locale has around $37,900 salary per capita with a swelling pace of 0.8 percent. Correspondingly, the country has a joblessness pace of 7.1 percent and the FDI inflow of $2.1 billion (Denmark, 2015). Denmark is one of the worldwide countries with low-setting society, which is fundamental in assurance of the customer conduct. For example, in Denmark, rules are significant while information is openly available. What's more, message is conveyed best verbally in contrast with non-verbal characteristic. Innovation keeps on molding tasks and exchanges by business elements. In the financial business in Denmark, innovation assumes a basic job in the computerization of the tasks. For example, banking industry gives on the web and portable banking and the private interest as per the requirements of the intended interest groups. Denmark centers around the advancement of natural security components and methodologies amidst an Earth-wide temperature boost or environmental change. This makes it fundamental for the inward and worldwide speculators to concentrate on the reception of natural CSR projects and systems for insurance and preservation of the earth. Denmark lawful framework centers around the delineation of basic guidelines and rules for the opening of retail banking. It is the commitment of the inward and global speculators to receive and agree to such guidelines. Before 2015, South Africa had one of the most steady political frameworks on the planet. What's more, the political arrangements and guidelines give the ideal stage to the development and

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The History of the Thematic Analysis Psychology Essay

The History of the Thematic Analysis Psychology Essay Thematic analysis is an analytical technique serving to interpret the contents of texts or human experiences and widely used in qualitative research. In its interpretation of qualitative data, thematic analysis generates themes within the distinguished categories of data. Each category that reflects a recurring feature of the obtained data attributes a code to a corresponding informational block. However, data categorization is thematic analysis pursues the aim of managing the overall volume of unstructured data rather than indicating conceptual issues. In this vein, thematic analysis entails a clear and precise definition of codes that are distinct from one another. During analytical procedures, a researcher refers to the developed code log book to categorize data and allow themes to emerge.[1] In other words, a theme in thematic analysis represents a statement of meaning observed in most of the data. This meaning may be also reported by a minority of participants, but carry a strong emotional power or factual impact on the studied situation. In thematic analysis, themes may be regarded as units formed by deriving and comprising patterns of conversation issues, meanings, feelings, recurring activities. Proverbs, and vocabulary. As such, themes serve to bring together elements ideas, perceptions, or experiences that may seem meaningless when considered separately.[2] In other words, the role of thematic analysis is to summarize the data content and draw relationships between distinct codes to produce a social meaning shared by the examined population sample. Therefore, thematic analysis is an interpretive analytical technique dedicated to revealing new concepts and ideas. Thematic analysis is theoretically flexible and allows answering various research questions without adherence to a specific framework. This analytical approach is mostly beneficial for responding to research questions regarding human experiences, ideas, attitudes, and perceptions.[3] Its focus on motifs and beliefs driving individual behavior fits scholar ship in psychology, social studies, behavioral research, and more applied disciplines like education, health, and clinical research. Psychology is a discipline that seeks to explore and analyze human experiences and behaviors to determine factors and personality traits shaping individual’s behavior patterns. In this vein, qualitative studies represent a significant portion of psychology scholarship when researchers attribute meanings to different behavior types observed or discussed with human participants.[4] In line with the prevailing qualitative research design, psychological studies focus on synthesizing the attained data and interpreting results into meaningful conclusions. In this pursuit, scholars tend to use different names to describe content analysis procedures utilized in their inquiries or using them without a specific description. Regardless of the expressed position, psychologists appreciate the thematic analysis framework for several benefits offered. While examining human observations, feelings, and attitudes, this analytical approach tends to bridge the researcher and participants intellectuall y and emotionally, fostering understanding of the former of motifs and beliefs underpinning behavior of the latter.[5] Moreover, thematic analysis allows combining different research methods that is a substantial advantage for psychological research. For instance, thematic analysis is applicable to processing and interpreting data obtained through both qualitative and quantitative methods. In thematic analysis, interview findings may be complemented by survey results to expand the depth and breadth of the acquired understanding while strengthening validity and reliability of the produced conclusions.[6] This argument is crucial in terms of qualitative research criticism that stresses on high subjectivity and descriptiveness of qualitative research findings. When applied to a single research method, thematic analysis serves to organize the unstructured dataset and embed a systematic approach in the analytical process. In the case of psychological research utilizing several research methods, thematic analysis is useful to generate an insight into the studied phenomenon while proving credibility of the attributed meaning. References Boyatzis, Richard E. Transforming Qualitative Information: Thematic Analysis and Code Development. Thousand oaks, CA: Sage, 1998. Gibson, Will. “Qualitative Research Analysis in Education.” In Educational Research and Inquiry: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches, ed. Dimitra Hartas, 295-307. London: Continuum International Publishing Group, 2010. Goodwin, C. James and Kerri A. Goodwin. Research in Psychology: Methods and Design. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley Sons, 2016. Thatchenkery, Tojo and Carol Metzker. Appreciative Intelligence: Seeing the Mighty Oak in the Acorn. San Francisco, CA: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., 2006. [1] Ibid. [2] Tojo Thatchenkery and Carol Metzker, Appreciative Intelligence: Seeing the Mighty Oak in the Acorn (San Francisco, CA: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc., 2006), 235. [3] Ibid. [4] C. James Goodwin and Kerri A. Goodwin, Research in Psychology: Methods and Design (Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley Sons, 2016), 302. [5] Richard E. Boyatzis, Transforming Qualitative Information: Thematic Analysis and Code Development (Thousand oaks, CA: Sage, 1998), 6. [6] Goodwin and Goodwin, 302.

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Creation of Victor - Frankenstein - Free Essay Example

Question1 We learn that he is a professional performer who is capable of entertaining his audience. His work is to motivate his audiences to utilize writing processes. Question 2 Whats the point of the frame narrative? Why do we begin and end with Robert Walton? Does he learn a lesson from his encounter with Frankenstein? If so, what is it? Question 3 I think the narrator Victor Frankenstein is unreliable narrator due to the fact that his point of view in the story and the events that unfolded are based on the terms of self-interest, specifically moral validation on his actions. Question 4 Victor Frankenstein likes the works of science and he dislikes situations that he can’t help himself. Question 6 He created him so human in form because of Frankenstein, is a man driven to learn and to experiment. That is all well and good, but, unfortunately for Victor Frankenstein, the particular subject of his obsession is the reanimation of dead tissue. In short, Victor is determined to prove that the dead can be brought back to life. He abandoned his creation. Victor states, Unable to endure the aspect of the being I created, I rushed out of the room. As the text continues, the Creature finds Victor, and mumbling, Victor runs away again. Victors hostile and negative reaction toward the Creature was simply because the Creature did not look like or turn out as Victor had imagined. Question 7 Victor, as the creator had the responsibility to care for the monster (he did not), and to keep it from harm and harming others (he didnt), as well as helping it to understand itself and educating it (he doesnt do this either). Victor abandons the creature because he is horrified at what he has done. Question 8 Victor Frankenstein is the one that created the monster. The things that the creature does to the people he loves would not have happened were it not that he created the creature. For instance, the monster kills Victors wife during their honeymoon. I don’t think that there is anything missing that Victor should feel responsible of. Justine and Elizabeth do feel they have responsibilities. For instance, it’s the responsibility of Elizabeth to keep the family together after Caroline dies. Justine feels the responsibility of being the most grateful little creature in the world; and, of course, shes very clever and gentle, and extremely pretty. She has the responsibility of taking care of this beauty. Question 9 If you are afraid to tell the people you love about the project you got, it is simply because you are afraid they won’t be able to accept it and one is afraid of panic that comes thereafter. Question 10 The author brings tries to create a vivid image of the creature in the reader’s mind by describing him as having a figure which resembles that of a man. The creature was also said to be moving at a very high speed. According to the dislike and mockery which the creature faces from the people, he is likely to look very scary and different from the normal human beings. However, the author describes his eloquence in speech meaning that he is not evil. Question 11 When comparing Victor and the creature, Victor seems to be more rational since he is able to give the creature a chance to narrate his tale. Victor also seems to be more compassionate than the creature since he says that he should have given the creature a chance to be happy before he rendered the creature as evil. Between the two, the creature seems to be more virtuous than Victor since the creature is able to humble himself down in order to convince Victor to hear him out. However, Victor seems to be more emotional since he wanted to express his anger on the creature by fighting him yet the creature had not attacked Victor. Question 12 The creature is said to be very kind and compassionate especially with the De Lacey family. The creature has also made an effort to learn the language spoken by the De Lacey family as well as a brief history of Europe. When the creature left Ingolstadt, he lacked knowledge of his surrounding as well as himself. Currently, he has become learned and has familiarized with his environment and his being from seeing his image in a reflection. He is scared of his outward appearance and more so the idea that the human beings would not accept him when he practically presented himself. Victor had thought of him as evil but the creature appears to be good and virtuous where he even stops stealing food from the De Lacey family and starts helping them out. At this point, he appears to be too virtuous to have murdered anyone. Question 13 The creature questioned his origin and the reason why he did not fit into the society. The question is important to the reader since it shows that the creature has come to understand his environment and himself. Question 14 Humanity originated from God and that humans can mate but the creature cannot mate with humans since they are not of the same species. Question 15 Humans did not appreciate the creature and treated him with injustice such as where he was short for saving a girl’s life. Question 16 Victor does not like the idea of creating a mate for the creature but is enslaved by the condition given by the creature if he failed whereby the creature could kill his whole family. Question 17 The creature felt as if he was in an equal position with his creator and the idea that he could make demands made everything appear fair to him after being treated with so much injustice by the humans. Question 18 The creature is seen to be filled with rage in a case where Victor refuses to give in to his demands. Therefore, the creature is likely to destroy Victor and his family. Question 19 Victor believes that he had drawn a horrible curse upon his head since he had agreed to create the monster a mate and later decided to destroy the experiment before he was done. This angered the monster and he knew that he and the monster would live fighting. Question 20 Victor calls the monster a devil for the murders by the monster of Victor’s family members as well as his newly wedded wife. The monster had turned into an evil being unlike before. Question 21 What makes the monster monstrous is the â€Å"flowing black hair and white teeth juxtaposed with his shriveled face and straight black lips. Question 22 Victor’s final words are harsh. This means that he is upset just the way a normal human being can. The monster final words are angry yet forgiving. The words were a way of showing Victor how much he has suffered in the human life. The similarities in Walton and in the letters as a foil character is that they both contribute to the Frankenstein character and they are strong as well and they both old desires. Essay (option c) God is missing in Frankenstein and this is evident in the fact that no one has mentioned God in the entire book. If God and faith had entered the creature’s life, a lot could have changed. This is because God would become part of his development and faith that comes from God would change and above all, support humanity through all the struggles that he or she goes through. When God enters into the life of a creature, a lot of changes. This is where a creature becomes part of Christ and if a creature is in Christ, then a new creature is formed. The connections that are in the soul changes towards doing good. The changes that take place when God enters the life of a creature, a lot of changes in terms of the meaning that the creation holds. A creation becomes a joint with God. This is because, in creation, an expression of Gods own life is represented. Therefore, the non-expression of Gods own being are eliminated. It’s after this when now the life of faith comes in a creature. A creature that has no faith does not please God. For a creature to believe that there is God, a sense of faith must apply. God requires faith from a creation as this is the only way a creation can walk in the ways that please him. In the commandments, for instance, God says that a creature should first believe in him. Acknowledging God and the truth in him is therefore paramount. It is by faith a creation knows that the Lord is God and that he is he that made us and not ourselves. A creation also understands that we are his and that we become the sheep of his own pasture. With this, it is clear that if a creature is the work of God, then God is the one that is responsible for its development. A creature does not, therefore, find itself in moments of struggle that concern this life. This is because God sustains a creation. For instance, since he is the radiance of his own glory and an exact representation of his own nature, he, therefore, upholds all the things by the power that he has. The ordinances of heaven, where is the home of God, by the lifting of the eyes by a creature, the abundance of waters end up covering it. It is the will of God to do whatever that he pleases. It is the will of God for any creature to do what is right. The monster in Frankenstein does a lot of evil things. This simply means that God is not in the monster and all the evil things the monster does are not in accordance with the will of God. For instance, it is the will of God that one should not kill, however, we see the monster killing even the people who are very close to the person that made it. In reference to paradise lost, such acts are satanic. With God, a creation stands a position of overcoming Satan’s temptations. For instance, God sends his own angels to strengthen his creatures to help them distinguish what is right and bad for them. A creature, therefore, struggles no more with this life.